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when will it end??


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I know cold turkey isnt recommended but, I never used this stuff daily so I figured I could do it...

I really havnt use ativan for very long, and never more then 1mg at a time,  never more then 2 days in a row...




its already been a full week, and last night I got maybe 2 hours?  and maybe a couple more 10 min naps...


(on friday night I got 7 hours and saturday I got 8 hours ! so  I figured I was out of the woods, and then last night BANG! insomnia...)


how long will this last?????


im losing my mind




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Hi, I dont think that youre out of the woods yet but the fact that you never used it very long or more than 2 days in a row and not more than 1 mg at time might just save you from the worst of it. My problem is also with ativan, look down at my profile and take that as some solace that you may not be in that deep at all.

  Since you hardly slept last night chances are you just might sleep OK tonight. Settle down and try and relax,have something to eat. You might do OK tonight.

good luck

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