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Brain zaps and dizziness


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Hi everyone...

I'm some 5 years post taper and in a season of weird symptoms again. 

Basically, I have brain zaps without the lightening bolts. I would describe it as a zap of dizziness and the its gone..

I do struggle with general dizziness and chronic middle ear issues sop not sure if related but...

I'm taking some Protonix occasionally and wonder if that's a trigger for anyone else?

I feel like the dizziness comes partly from a stiff neck which seems to be my achilleas heel lately.

I do partake in an occasional diet coke...so maybe caffeine related?

Any thoughts or similar issues?

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Have you consulted with an ENT and your Primary Care doc about other possible physical causes? 5 years is a long time off benzos. Were you doing ok before these current SXs manifested? 

I have taken PPIs myself and never got brain zaps or dizziness from taking them personally. I have been on several SSRIs and those did cause me brain zaps when I was coming off them.

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