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I am not sure if this is from stopping my medicine, but I have fear all the time of everything.  I don’t know what to do.  I have terrible thoughts and can’t do anything.  I can’t work or talk to others.  Hope somebody can relate to this?

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Hello @[rc...] Welcome to BenzoBuddies.

This is the correct forum to write about your fears and seek help for anxiety. If you are looking for help quitting your benzodiazepines, start another topic on the Taper Planning forum.

I'll avoid asking you questions for now, in case you start another topic.

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Yes, fear is a pretty common symptom while on or tapering off of Benzos.  It is also a common withdrawal symptom after you are off of Benzos.  I had irrational fear for months after doing a cold turkey (not recommended).  In addition, I was extremely claustrophobic to the point where I could not even go into a large store such as WalMart.  I was afraid to take the garbage down the driveway to the road in front of my house for pickup.  Eventually all the fear and other symptoms ended.  I have been healed for over 5 years now.  You'll get there too.

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