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Anyway to treat anxiety ( no matter how small)?


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@[Bu...]  Sorry about your anxiety.    I have had lots of anxiety during my recovery; it has been my most difficult and enduring symptom.   I have used all kinds of tools to try to bring my anxiety down.   The main things that have worked for me are meditation, deep breathing exercises, getting outside, and knitting.  I also am able to talk myself 'down" at times.   I tell myself that this will pass, that this is chemical anxiety and now who I really am, etc.   

What things are you using to try to calm the anxiety?

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Hi, dec. I'm using nothing now. Before, my lousy dr. gave me 2 addictive drugs to help me get off 2 other drugs. Horrible!!! Meditation isn't for me, teas, candles or whatever. Rarely leave the house as I can't look outside or want to see the sun

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Bulldog, do you have anyone you can talk to?

Sometimes talking with someone eases my anxiety.

I hate being alone when I'm really anxious. 

Early on in wd I would call people around the clock just to talk. What you talk about doesn't have to make sense..just distracts a little away from the anxiety.

I know you don't like to go outside but it would be a distraction..just focus on something like a tree..the shape of it..or a bird. Try to give your brain something different to look at.Anxiety is hard to live with on a daily basis.

You could also come here and just chat with people. I'm sure others with anxiety would be happy to chat with you.


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Anxiety during benzo withdrawal is a beast.  I was tormented by intense anxiety during withdrawal beyond anything I ever experienced prior to benzos. Here are a few things that helped me:

Breathing exercises - Breathe in to count of 4; hold for 4; exhale to count of 6.  Box breathing is another example: Breathe in for 4 counts, Hold for 4 count, Exhale for 4 counts, Hold for 4 counts.  These are just two examples that helped me.


Warm bath with Epsom salts and lavender oil, candles and soothing music before bed

Keeping busy focused on tasks


Staying well hydrated with water - helps promote a sense of well being and flushes toxins

Comedy -  try to bring laughter into each day if possible


Walking and gentile cardio - I tried to take a long walk every day. Putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward was profoundly empowering and also helped burn off the horrible anxious energy of cortisol surges. Walking also took me out of the still air of my home into nature which I’m convinced has unquantifiable healing powers. But please don't overdo it by pushing yourself too hard with your workouts.

When I couldn’t walk outside I did gentle cardio programs indoors (you can find some on YouTube)- getting the endorphins rolling every day helped smooth out my ragged nerves.




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 I noticed that the 333 rule works for me. I look around me and name three things I see. Then, I name three sounds I hear. Finally, I move three parts of my body — my ankle, fingers, or arm. Usually, I feel relief at once. Sometimes I even wonder whether doing this exercise regularly can help me avoid taking my canada drugs anti-anxiety pills. Maybe one day. 

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