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Somatic symptoms


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Anyone successfully stop their somatic symptoms? 
I have to say I do have legitimate health issues and have been dealing with them. I lay awake at night trying to figure out how to fix myself and it’s awful. 
I mean why is food in my teeth wildly uncomfortable, this isn’t normal. 

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Hi @[he...] You're still in the early stages of withdrawal after jumping in the beginning of June '23,  So it's not at all surprising that your experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms.  It's incredibly challenging to get through the early months.  People are often taken by surprise when they struggle with symptoms after tapering but a lot of healing takes place after we jump.

The path to recovery varies from one person to another but the common thread for most of us is that gradually over time our withdrawal symptoms ease up.  One of the best things you can do in the meantime is to practice the best self care you can, meaning, eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated moderate exercise,getting rest (not necessarily sleep, although that will return in time), etc.  Distraction  is a very important tool - pouring yourself into something that absorbs your attention will help shift your attention away from your symptoms.  Practicing relaxation techniques like slow deep breathing, yoga, medication etc. is also helpful.  

As time passes your nervous system is continually healing, heading toward recovery.  You will get there.

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