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This is for my people (insomniacs)


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The 70% of my life was like this. Falling asleep at the desk in the office, on the bus... Sitting in the office after 2 hrs sleep with my perfectly rested, healthy Colleague and dreaming: "Now I'll just go to the loo. It's spacious enough and a fully isolated room. Clean enough. I'll curl into a bowl on the floor and fall asleep🧡💤“. Just for a little while. I’ll set an alarm clock on my Fitbit...

Now I just don’t care, as I work flexible hours from home and have SSDI. When I cannot sleep, I do translations automatically. No sleep, but at least money will come my way. I can feel your suffering🤍

The moment you stop caring about sleep, it starts caring about you. It likes to come when it’s less needed. Besides, I put my face into Kitty’s fur or hold her paw before falling asleep. Kitty’s nickname is thus Barb.“



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Im mostly ok now Estee, my sleep isn’t normal but I just accept it for what it is. I just thought I’d post some funny memes for people that are doing it tougher. 
you are right tho, if u stop caring about lack of sleep, and practice acceptance, it eventually does get better.


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