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Neurofeedback may be helping my sleep


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Am continuing with neurofeedback 2 times a week and i am doing alphastim after dinner- and yesterday i tried AS in the day and FELL ASLEEP with the clips on my ears. yahoo.  sleep !


this nf session the doc said "we'll do the BAUD as well now." - it is based on sound and binaural beats. see NF thread in Alternative Therapies and Supplements.


after BAUD i do the NF for 30 min again. soemething i s kicking in cos i am sleeping better suddenly -could be time,, but who knows? it was right after the regular NF,  AStim for 10 days, and the new BAUD. we'll see.


poor sleep- this is probably true for straight benzo W/d alone:

-The pdoc there said she estimates my previous 18 years of hellish this and that to be causing a "hypervigilant" form of PTSD, combined with about 50% of post- Clonazepam damage. her other client that went off K took a year to be ok. my problem is the oversupply of adrenalin caused by having had 3 terrible life experiences - my subconscious has told my body to be "on the lookout" for the next horrible thing, and so the stress/fear response is active and sleep sucks.

FWIW ,best to all


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Are you still tapering?  How do you like the Alpha Stim??? I've seen you tried the sleep tracks too... last question - your insomnia .. is it falling asleep you have issues with or waking up to much to early?




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I've been off 6 years of Clonazepam and 18 years Zopiclone for about 4 months. Nasty beyond my wildest expectations, combined with a previous head injury. big time CNS repair necessary, doc estimates we are over 50 % done the benzo thing.

the Alpha Stim sems to have suddenly kicked in; very powerful, anything other than a low setting is very odd feeling. look forawrd to three weeks to see effect, 3 weeks is lkikely to show something more obvious.

Something is finally giving me longer better sleep. I have no trouble  falling asleep but wake up way too soon. getting longer now  after alpha stim and BAUD disruptor. sleep appears to be getting linked to sunup/sundown, except that i don't stay asleep cos i am getting too much adrenalin in rebound probably from benzos, and possibly a PSTD reaction to three life challenging events, the last the nastiest of benzo withdrawal.

Doc thinks maybe my subconscious/body is trying to stay in hypervigilant mode to prepare for the next giant threat. got to get off this fear track to end this! and NF seems to be a good way to do it with no side effects. can't take any meds anymore even if i wanted,  too sensitive to everything. again this is probably adrenalin related. restful sleep is pretty hard to come by but i've started nodding off in the day a bit!


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