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Klonopin water taper (advice needed please)


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Hi everyone. Helping a friend plan out her next taper as she is having trouble cognitively and sometimes all the taper options are even a lot for someone to grasp having full cognitive strength! Feedback is appreciated as she is wanting to attempt a water taper and I have zero experience with it other that watching Jocelyn?s videos (Benzo Brains on YouTube) when I first was looking at taper options last year.



She is in British Columbia. She tapered 1mg Klonopin from 2016-2019 and had a hard time with BInD after. In March/April 2022 she was struggling with anxiety still and Dr had her start Zoloft and Seroquel.  She had bad reaction to both of them- became very agitated and had akathisia. Her Dr CTd both of those and started her on 90mg Cymbalta (still currently on) and 1 mg of K for 2 weeks??a fast taper of K was then done. 


She reinstated 6/27/2022 at .5mg K and for the last year she has been on .5mg K to ?stabilize?. Dr also had her on 10mg Loxapine antipsychotic from 2022-March 2023 daily and told her maybe pacing caused by this so had her taper. Then added 5mg Methoprazone 5/1/23 for sleep but was very sedated and groggy. She?s tapered down to 2mg currently of this.


She feels she?s in constant tolerance for K, but her Dr tells her she?s not ready for further tapering- She need to keep holding or go higher on K which she has declined.  She is scared because she went through this hell already once.


Her Klonopin tablet doses are:

-0.25mg twice a day, once at 8:30am and other at 9pm

-They are the blue generic name pms clonazapam manufactured by Pharmascience Inc.  They can dissolve under the tongue, but she usually takes them with water

- she wants an initial estimate taper time around a year


What pieces of equipment are needed/best for her plan, and can someone break out steps to prepare the setup and how to begin please as I want to give her a good boy overwhelming breakdown. She has also watched Jocelyn?s video so has a general idea but it?s nice to have a breakout of steps in order when our brains are struggling.


She has confirmed she is ok with me asking here and appreciates the feedback. She also knows this will be kind of adjust as she goes and monitors how she?s doing along the way. If water taper doesn?t work she will then think about compound capsules or liquid.


Thank you so very much!!!!

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Can anyone at least point me in direction of what is best to use? Glass jars? Syringes, graduates cylinders, etc.  Thanks!
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Want to make sure I have steps listed out ok.


Looking at benzo brains YouTube video on water taper….I wasn’t sure how Klonopin disperses in water and wasn’t sure if milk maybe is better but think water many people use just fine.


Having the line on taper on the jar is perfect bc it shows where you want to be each time you start your day. However since you’re thinking a year, this will be 365 mL.


How do these steps look?

1. Buy glass mason jars that have caps so you can shake up without any spills, if you don’t have these already. Probably 4 is a good amount.

2. Have a measuring cup that reads milliliters mL so you can measure ~365mL each day.

3. Poor 365mL of water (if you want to use filtered or bottled water if tap is something you don’t drink a lot of, use whatever drinking water is your source).

4. Put a piece of tape with a line drawn with a sharpie on the main glass you’ll work with and draw the water level line. That way you don’t need the measuring cup every day and can fill your water to@the line on the tape every morning.

5. You’ll drop a tablet in the water and wait 15-20min for the .5mg Klonopin tablet to disperse. Once it looks broken up well, shake for 1 minute.

6. Take syringe and on 1st day you’ll remove 1 mL and dispose of.

7. Take mixture and poor half into one smaller jar and half into another smaller jar.

8.Put cap on one small jar and place in fridge for your night dose.

9. For morning dose, drink the remaining smaller jar on the counter. Rinse with drinking water swirl around to get particles from sides and drink that too.


10. Rinse the main jar (used to drop the Klonopin in initially), with drinking water to get particles from sides and drink as well.

11. For your night dose, take out of fridge, shake, drink, then rinse with drinking water, swirl to get particles from sides and then drink.


Done for the day!


Day 2, remove 2mL with syringe.


Does this look right to people that understand the wtaer taper method? Any issues people who have done this for Klonopin have found? Or suggestions they’ve learned? I again am helping someone else out who is struggling and since I did dry taper and compound liquid, I want to steer her in the correct direction for a successful taper.



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Hello again, Boges11.


I don’t have personal experience with the water taper technique (WTT) nor am I aware of currently active members who are using it with clonazepam (this doesn’t mean there aren’t any).  If you don’t receive responses from members here, you can find individuals who are using WTT with clonazepam in the Beating Benzos community on Facebook.


You’ve done a good job of describing the steps demonstrated in the water taper video by Benzo Brains.  You’ve also modified it for a daily dosing schedule of 0.25mg of clonazepam twice a day.


Suggestions for your consideration:


(1) Use purified or distilled water instead of tap water (one never knows what’s in tap water that might interact with the drug or excipients in the tablet).


(2) Use a graduated cylinder instead of a measuring cup to measure the 365mL.  (Be sure to measure from the bottom of the meniscus — the curve in the water’s surface that will form when it is added to the cylinder.)


(3) Start with a 10mL versus a 1mL syringe (using a 1mL syringe will quickly become tedious).  Move to syringes with larger capacities as needed.  (Tip: To prevent the numbers and graduations marks on the syringe from wearing off, cover them with a piece of clear tape.)


(4) Provide your friend with a shopping list of items to purchase on Amazon.  For example, 365mL of liquid is about 12 ounces so the jars need to be 12 ounces + extra room to allow for shaking.  Here’s a draft list to get you started:


Ball Wide Mouth Pint 16-Ounces Mason Jars with Lids and Bands, (Set of 3)



500ml Plastic Graduated Cylinder, Printed and Molded Graduations, Single Metric Scale, Polypropylene, Karter Scientific 237N2 (Single)



BAXA ExactaMed Oral Liquid Medication Syringe 10cc/10mL 10/PK Clear Medicine Dose Dispenser with Cap Exacta-Med Baxter Comar


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Thanks Libertas!!! Appreciate you taking the time to look this through and add in changes/suggestions. You are such a help to everyone! Thank you again.
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You’re most welcome, Boges11.  I hope all goes well for your friend.
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I asked in pharmacy and they said the tablet isn’t water soluble.. so I am not sure if this is a good method.. but I haven’t tried it.
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Hi there. I plan to water taper my K and you are making a suspension. I haven’t started my taper but I’ve bought what I need and I’ve tested this. I used distilled water and dropped in my 1 mg K and in 5 min I shook and it was entirely evenly dispersed. As was stated above, many on benzo buddies use this method and do incredibly well. Cut and hold basically asks your brain to stabilize and withdraw repeatedly throughout your taper. With water, you are microdosing in amounts small enough and continually that it’s very smooth. I have had many members on that forum message me that have been on for 25 years or more and water tapered very smoothly and are doing well.
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I was just wondering if you started your water taper yet? I am going back and forth between the water taper or the dry cut method.


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