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Hi Everyone!

Since I started my withdrawal journey months ago, I have made some progress. I went from 4mg of Kolonopin to approximately 2.875 (I am using a razor to cut my dose and not using a scale yet). I bought a scale that I saw someone on a YT video use and I can't seem to figure out how to use it. I am feeling anxious and socially anxious and agoraphobic most of the time. Today I got outside and walked around the yard a couple of times. I have also purchased several books off of Amazon about benzo recovery.


I just bought a new scale that is "NEWACALOX Reloading Scale 100 x 0.001g, High Precision Portable Multifunction Lab Powder Scales" and it will be delivered tomorrow and I am hoping for more accurate doses. I have split from one dose a day to two and plan to taper using the 5-10% guidelines. My psychiatrist actually read the Ashton Manual and seems to be on board with allowing me to make decisions on when to taper and how much. I am open to any advice or suggestions from the group.


This whole process is really frightening to me and it has already changed my life in difficult ways. I am grateful for the small things that do happen day to day that feel good to me. I am also on 225 mg of Effexor, 10 mg of olanzapine, 100 mg to 200 mg of hydroxyine and 400 mg of Gabapentin. My doctor would like me to taper from the Gabapentin--before continuing the taper of Kolonopin-- and then he will put me on Buspar for anxiety. I hope it is more effective.


Should I chop up the kolonopin with a razor and measure it as powder and then put it into water to drink? Thanks for your time reading this. I am new to this and trying to learn.




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Hi rolleigirl1,  my experience is similar to yours. What has helped me throughout my whole taper is strong chamomile tea and valerian root tea every day twice a day. It has kept my anxiety at bay most of the time. That has been my experience as these tapers are not easy but doable.

I mean who doesn’t want to be free from benzos right? I lost so much to benzos and look forward to the day that I’m free from them.

I’m also doing a slow taper now because I’ve been on them for so long, what is 2 extra years. Since I’ve been on them for so long I shouldn’t expect to be off of them so quick.


All the best to you



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I'm very new myself but I really like the Klonopin group and will give you the link to that.  I am set to do a micro-taper, dry, from 1 mg of Clonazepam (generic for K) for 35 years.  Sounds so ridiculous but I just never thought much about it, or the issues I had developed.  I have learned my lesson on weaning too steep.  I can't recommend more for all of us starting out, or just getting to BB, to read as much info about those folks who've gone before us on this journey.  I see it now as nothing to mess with.  Probably the most dangerous thing to my health I've ever taken.


Plenty of links I can share with you if you want me to put them in here.  I'll just put 2 for now, first for an article that really got me started on the right track, and second, a link to a thread where I've gotten a lot of help:






This is one that I related so much to because I have bad tremors, not the same as Colin, but Colin, by the way, is the one that started this Forum if I am remembering right.  If not, my apologies:




Other Team members have put their stories on the same page as well, good reading for me :)




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