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9 years post taper and As Prescribed documentary distribution news


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Dear Buddies,


Yesterday, April 17, was my nine-year anniversary of completing my taper off Klonopin. BenzoBuddies played a huge role in that success. I was helped with dosing equivalencies when my benzo brain was so bad that even simple math was beyond me. I also spent hours reading and re-reading Success Stories. They kept my belief alive that I could make it through a taper and actually heal.


This post reflects my own Success Story. My film, As Prescribed, has been picked up by a highly-regarded documentary film distributor, The Video Project. It's so important that As Prescribed finds its way into universities and medical schools. It's so important that people who know the reality of BIND and benzo hell have the ability to organize screenings of the film in their communities. It's important that the film has an avenue to international distribution, and the agreement does this.


Note: We are negotiating with a rep about streaming. Whether or not this rep can help the film in the upcoming months or not, people will be able to stream the film on various platforms after The Video Project has had a chance to launch the film to the educational market next fall. VP will be able to support community screenings sooner -- by August.


I'll share here part of what I posted yesterday, April 17, 2023, on the As Prescribed Facebook page.

Note: I did not use forager88 while I was tapering. I went by another name on here. Still keeping it private.


Today is a big day in both my life and in the life of As Prescribed.

On April 17, 2014, I slid off a microdose of clonazepam, completing a 22-month-long taper. This was my Signature on BenzoBuddies:


"Prescribed Klonopin 2mg and Ambien 10mg for CFS 1993. Did not have anxiety. Did have insomnia. Recovered from CFS by 2000. Lowered dose of Klonopin to 1mg and stopped Ambien in early 00's. Any bad symptoms of tolerance withdrawal dismissed by doctors as CFS relapse, PTSD, even metals toxicity. In May 2012, I stopped listening to doctors, and started to taper off K. Very slow taper completed 4/17/14."






Hope to connect with the community further in the coming months. Stay tuned.


And thank you, Colin, for the consistent support you have shown the film. I think we can all agree that with this community's support, benzo victims can make it through what is likely the worst experience of their lives. Let's try to stay positive and help each other. Let's never give up.






Holly Hardman


As Prescribed





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Congratulations on your benzo freedom, your recovery, your important film and its upcoming distribution, you’ve done so much for our community, thank you.  :smitten:
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