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April 16, 2021 was the last time I took a benzodiazepine, I had taken xanax, 0.5mg for 5 days and I stopped suddenly. (I had previously taken bromazepam and clonazepam).


It's been 2 years, and I admit I'm a little better, but I'm not recovered.


I thought that I was going to recover between 6-12 months as Ashton said, but it was not like that.

Then I thought between 18-24 months and it wasn't like that either, to be honest I think it will be between 24-36 months.


Since I started month 23, I was in a constant wave practically every day.


I had a lot of symptoms, from when I first came off bromazepam until now, but now my symptoms are pretty mild-moderate and I can function.


current symptoms:

insomnia: I sleep between 2-6 hours straight. (it depends if I'm in a wave or not) and usually, I wake up 1 or 2 times and go back to sleep, sometimes 3.


scars that do not recover: I think that I do not produce collagen due to my lack of sleep, it is a very rare symptom, but I improve a little.


fatigue: it's something very slight, but I don't really want anything.


Diarrhea: I was in a wave and they came back, but there were days that I didn't have it.


In summary I am better, almost everything is mild, and when there is a wave it becomes moderate, but I can still function




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GP congrats on 2 years and thank you for your check in.  I was a dual long-time user too.  I'm not nearly 'healed' at 17 months off.  Seeing progress but in an almost constant wave.... onward and forward we go.  Keep the faith.
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