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Prescription Notification- proposed rule change (USA)


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Just putting this here so people are aware this might go into effect. I know some of us got put on these during pandemic and haven’t seen our prescribers in person before. They are looking to pass a law saying come May 11th, you’ll need one in person appt to have prescriptions refilled for controlled substances(benzos being one of them).


It talks about trying to get a 180 day extension, but who knows if that will be passed …..better to sort this out ahead of time bc I’m sure there will be a rush of people trying to schedule in person visit and we all know how Drs get booked out.

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Thank you for the reminder about this upcoming change in requirements for controlled substance prescriptions obtained via telehealth, Boges11.


I agree with you that US members who are receiving benzodiazepine prescriptions from a provider they have never seen in person (i.e. a telehealth provider) should contact their provider ASAP to ask about options.


For example, if seeing the telehealth provider in person is not an option, the telehealth provider may be able to refer to another provider who can fulfill the in-person examination requirement.


Another important point is that states have different requirements around controlled substance prescribing. According to the article, prescribers typically have to follow whatever requirement (federal vs state) is more stringent.


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