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Question about cold and sleep tracker.


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According to my sleep tracker, half my sleep is deep. This is true if I get 8 hours or 4. But I thought deep sleep was supposed to be 20% of your sleep.


Ever since my cold my sleep has taken a hit. I don't have much of a sleep drive but it was enough to get me to sleep and stay asleep for a while. After my cold going to sleep was almost nil.

Still even though that is the case, according to my sleep tracker, half my sleep is deep.


Did my cold make my sleep function less permanently?

Is my sleep tracker inaccurate? When I didn't wear it (it was in bag, down the hall), it said I got 10 hours of sleep that night.

I can't prove that it is not correct. I don't know how much deep sleep I'm getting. But leaving it in the bag does not help my confidence in it.


My sleep tracker is a WoFit.

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How does the amount of sleep you believe you are getting compare to what the tracker says you are getting?  Are they close?


I have a sleep number bed and it seems to be pretty accurate as far as sleep duration versus what I think I am getting.  It does not track deep sleep.


Between 13% and 23% of a "normal" sleep cycle of 60-90 minutes should be spent in deep sleep. If you get seven hours of sleep each night, then you spend approximately 55 to 97 minutes each night in deep sleep. To a certain extent, the body self-regulates amounts of deep sleep based on your individual needs. 


50% seems really high so maybe your tracker is off?  But if you are getting that much deep sleep, you should feel refreshed the next day?


A cold or other illness is not going to take your sleep drive or anything else away permanently!


Consider this though.  Deep sleep is the most restorative physiologically and REM sleep is the most restorative psychologically.

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Thanks Theway.

I would write a better reply but my brain is not working well today. I am grateful for the information you have and will take another look at my sleep tracker. But yes 50% deep sleep does seem weird.

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