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Any words of support or advice would be amazing!


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I am a little over 3.5 years and in a massive setback from stress and possibility un needed cortisone cream from a misdiagnosis. I began Xanax for anxiety and my health anxiety in withdrawal has been insane! We literally watched my setback happen through 2 months and now… well I’m back to square one and the anxiety, fear, fight or flight is beyond comprehensible especially the health anxiety! Test after test after test and the waiting for results eats me alive. I try to tell myself I am ok and just in a bad setback and the legitimate truth yet my brain can’t absorb the actual reality versus the rational reality and I am terrified that if I stay in this high state level of anxiety that I will never heal and get better. Our son was 6 when this began and is turning 10 soon and I need my life back! I’m at the point of even wondering about meds yet… I’m sooooo insanely sensitive with a supplements even and my CNS is soooo hypersensitive, but I am so tired and tired of suffering and now a setback.

Jennifer Leigh says I’ll get better but the anxiety is eating away at me. Every symptom is back including new ones like chest pain (ekgs are fine), hypertonic pelvic floor, this level of health anxiety and no convincing me I’ll be ok, panic attacks, beyond hysterical crying spells to the point of I can’t breathe, pacing and can’t sit still, head and temple pressure beyond words. My neurologist also said it will take many years for my brain to heal.


Anyway I guess I just need some positive reminders that I will get there and heal and this will be in the past.

Just a side note never taken any other meds and haven’t drank since before this nightmare began and have an insanely healthy non processed food diet with no caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy, msg, etc.

Detox was the hugest mistake I ever made on top of taking these poisons.

Thank you all for your time and words.

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All I want to say to you is I hear you and I see you. Your present is not your future!!  :smitten:


How kind are you?! Thank you :) Means a lot!

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