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Need Help! Should I take this supplement?


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Need Help! Should I take this supplement?




As you may be aware I am 4 plus months benzo free. For the last four weeks I have suffered from severe insomnia.


I just came back from my doctor's appointment and here is what he had to say:


Basically my body is in stage one adrenal exhaustion. And that my test results showed that I my body is under an extreme amount of stress possibly indicative of a bad infection. (I have been diagnosed with SIBO (small intestinal bacteria over growth). I developed this condition during my taper.


My cortisol levels are very high in the morning as well as in the evening. My levels are higher than the normal range. The doctor feels that we must try to assist in helping my cortisol levels to come down and wants me to take Phosphatidyl Serine (Seriphos).


Does anyone know anything about this supplement. I am so afraid to take anything but I am suffering severely.


I just got off the phone with the company I would order this from and they said it would help lower my ACTH and that's all. I would pay 28.00 USD for 100 capsules.


Here is the information that th company provided me with.



Product Bulletin

1 Introduction

Also known as phosphorylated serine, Seriphos increases the sensitivity of the cortisol receptors in the

anterior pituitary. This stimulates the negative feedback loop controlling the release of

adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). The anterior pituitary then reduces ACTH output, resulting in lower

cortisol production. Seriphos crosses the blood-brain barrier; it may help to optimize brain

neurotransmissions, specifically in the hypothalamic-pituitary area. In clinical trials, Seriphos was shown

to promote memory retention and recall by stimulating neuronal plasticity, which can slow age-dependent

neurotransmitter deterioration.

2 Clinical Applications

Seriphos is primarily used to reduce pituitary resistance to cortisol feedback in cases of cortisol

hypersecretion. It has been clinically proven to aid in memory deficit, cognitive decline, senile dementia,

and early cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

3 Recommended Dosage

The general recommended dosage is 1-3 capsules a day between meals.

4 Special Considerations

Seriphos contains a high phosphorous-to-calcium ratio and therefore additional calcium should be taken.

Consider taking 3 BioMatrix Support Mineral tablets at bedtime. Seriphos should not be given

simultaneously with adrenergic agonists or alkaloid stimulants (e.g. caffeine). Seriphos is not recommend

for those with reduced kidney function or who are pregnant. For those with gastric sensitivity, Seriphos

should be taken with meals.



Four Capsules Contain:

Calcium 180 mg

Magnesium 180 mg

Phosphorous 760 mg

L-Serine 180 mg

Special Dietary Ingredients:

Derived from a phosphorylated mixture of L-Serine and ethanolamine as salts of calcium and


Bottle Size: 100 Capsules


Please help!


Thank you.



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Okay.  I am not a doctor.  I can only express an opinion which may or may not be right.  So here goes.


You slept the night before last albeit maybe lightly.  But you did sleep.  Last night you did not sleep long but you did sleep.  I am seeing some improvement though obviously it does not feel like it.


Sandy, you did the amino acid regime, did it help? 


After my father died I had adrenal exhaustion.  Very depleted, but in time I assume they came back.  I slept better, felt better, etc. so assumed my body had found its rhythm again.


You are not sleeping as you want to.  Established fact.  But when the doctor starts talking about all this stuff it frightens you doesn't it?  This adds to an already high level of anxiety about sleep which starts a nasty feedback loop.


If this were me, I would order the caps.  But I would hold off on taking them.  Put them in a cupboard, knowing you have that option.  Meanwhile, slow down, way down, even during the day.  I think all this "functional" medicine is sometimes not necessary and can provoke additional worries to those who are already sensitive and vulnerable.  I think we have to face the fears and go with them.  Time to take the demon by the horns and let the body do its own thing.


Now I may be all off here and I apologize.  Everyone is different and everyone responds differently.  What if you take the caps and they don't work?  What if that exacerbates your anxiety then?  You are still going to have to get through this.


My feeling is that you are perimenopausal, and in due time you will need to attend to this but not right now.  Sandy, for months on end I did not sleep because of my hormones.  This is only my story.  I was under a great deal of stress too helping take care of my father.  I just accepted that I wasn't sleeping and tried to move on and function the best I could.  Stress played highly into it...situational yes, but also of my own creating.  I was bone tired by the time he died, literally tired to the bone.


So....this is only what I think.  Obviously you will have to come to your own conclusions.  Your anxiety is high right now, rightly so, probably because of the taper, probably because of the maximum stress overload, partly from no sleep, partly because you are worried, partly because you are expecting so much of yourself, etc. etc.  It takes a while for that stress to simmer and I think in your case if you add another pill to the mixture you are going to stress about taking it.  And that in itself might cause additional worry which will add  to your sleeplessness.   I do not believe you have a disease, I do not believe you are damaged.  I do know that cortisol levels fluctuate a lot...one day they may be fine, the next day not.  Even in a very healthy person.  Just my 2 cents worth.  Get them.  Put them away and give yourself some more time.  Hell, I would rather have you see a sleep specialist than take another pill at this time.  Just my opinion.  Love, Janus



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Sandy, it's hard to say, as I have never heard of this supp. I think Janus is right, though. My cortisol is too low, am told this is due long term stress. I've depleted it. They put me on adrenal support, but now I'm worried this might be revving me! I had asked the doc, won't my adrenals recover on their own? She said yes, this just helps it along. And she said once I correct my minor hormones, that will help correct my adrenal function.

I will let you know how the hormones help regarding sleep. I should know within the first month, I think. I hope!

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I am at a loss what to say, Sandy. I believe that you will eventually sleep and get better. I think that you are so anxious for this to happen, that it's making things worse. You are probably perimenopausal, too. No, you will not die, just go along accepting some suffering, without counting hours of sleep, etc. Don't expect to feel great - when you accept that, then you go and do things in life anyway. I think the fear is so debilitating; how to get rid of it - well, turn to God and remember "Thy Will be done...", if nothing else works.

I have lived now many, many years with poor sleep and lots of stress (I mean - lots! and I mean-POOR or no sleep), but I am not fighting it.

I know, though, when you don't feel good, this may not be the way to talk to you.

You are so dear to me and I don't know how to approach it. To be true I would have to say the above, but I know that will not help you now.  All I can give is my love, support and belief that things will get better.


:smitten: :smitten: :smitten:


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I read and reread your heart felt reply to my post.  My dad and his wife did read it too.  They couldn't  have agreed with you more.


I have decided not to take the supplement.  Any supplements for that matter and just let nature do it's thing.  God and time will heal me.


Thank you my friend for setting me straight.



Sandy :smitten:





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Janus, Linda and Tanya,


Thank you so much for your love and support.  You mean a lot to me, I want you to know that.  I think of you everyday. :smitten:



Sandy :smitten:

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PS  I just saw your numbers on your blog...not that far off from normal range.  Janus


Yes, but the doctor said that ideally they should be in the middle of the range. 



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The key word you just used is "ideally"....of course it would be wonderful if ideally your numbers perfect.  This is not a huge thing to stress over.  Love you, Janus
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  • 2 years later...

I happened to run across this post and it is old I know    however ....I have been fighting to come off benzos for a long time and failed four times and found this doc that specializes in seems like everything...

he has put me on seriphos as I had a saliva test done and my hormones and cortisol and adrenals were all over the place....he is balancing me out with the seriphos at night to calm me down and also has me on a special medical nutritional detox to slowly clean the liver out and other parts of the body so the stuff can go back to mormal and work right and he says then I can take a crack at getting off the benzos and should be easier this time.  He is removing all the toxic buildup with this special nutritional body detox and a special diet and the seriphos and this detox will remove a lot of heavy metals from the body that cause us to have so  much trouble so I am praying this works and will update as I go along.


I will say the seriphos does calm ya down and the dang psych doc wants me to take a ssri for anxiety and it is the hormone/cortisol/adrenal mess that causes our horrid symptoms....says it will take a while but will feel better soon after some of the junk is out of me and I am more balanced.  Wouldnt it be so nice for this to be so simple as this ....well I also had a psychic medical healer tell me the same exact thing....prior to this doctor ...so hmmmmmmmm ya know.


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