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The Practice of Gratitude


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Begin by closing your eyes and moving your attention to your heart

area. Imagine a feeling of warmth emanating from the center of your

chest. If appropriate place your right hand there. If you are around

people or driving etc. simply imagine your right hand resting on your

heart area. Imagine this area glowing warmly for one to two minutes.



-Now, begin to focus on something in your life that you feel a genuine

sense of appreciation for. This can be one or more things that you

really appreciate having in your life (e.g., family, health, friends,

work, your home, etc.). It is important to focus on things that spark

a real sense of gratitude and appreciation. If you really appreciate

the thing you are thinking about you will immediately feel a response

from that area by way of  a light warm sensation or you might smile

involuntary. You may even be feeling this right now

as you think about all the great things you have in your life.


It does not really matter what you think about as long as it evokes

this feeling of warm appreciation from your heart area. Everyone has

something they can greatful for. (Remember, the cemetery is full of people

who would love to have your problems!)   



Do not worry if you are thinking of your partner/family and you do

not feel this. Some days it will be people close to you that will spark

the heart feeling other days it may be sheer gratitude for the cards

you were dealt playing poker the previous night! It depends on the

mood you are in so remember it is the feeling you after. 


The feeling is unmistakable, it is a positive change in your emotional

state.  It is really best to do this alone because you will need to stay

with this feeling for as long as you can.


-When you feel you have taken it as far as you can open your eyes.

There is no time frame on this, it can a minute to half an hour. Again it is

about establishing a heart/mind connection.


Incorporate this into your daily routine.

Do it in the car.

Do it sitting at your desk.

Do it before you sleep at night.


Practise it again and again. Just like a muscle your heart will

get more accustomed to this state and you will be able to switch

into it at a moments notice.


I am writing about this here because I want to share with you a

very simple way for you to feel more grounded and to lift the

fog of anxious thoughts you may be experiencing. You can also use

this in the middle of any stressful situation and you will be surprised at

the outcome in terms of your own stress levels and the change in reaction

of others around you. Try it out, be creative with it and make it your

own daily ritual for yourself.


It is my experience that most people do not have the  patience or

time to make major lifestyle changes. By using this one

technique you can make a dramatic improvement to your life easily.


The simplest things in life are free and this is one of those gems.


Don't pass it up



Kind Regards

Joe Barry



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I forgot I posted this!


I good way to do this would be to tape record yourself reading it. Then play it back as a meditation.

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