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PLEASE READ: Posting Guidelines for Coping


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Broad, Vibrant, & Positive Content


We wish to encourage vibrant and supportive discussion for those interested in positive or uplifting perspectives, or describe how philosophical or spiritual approaches helped in the management of benzodiazepine use, withdrawal or recovery.


Coping: Philosophical Approaches is intended as an inclusive space to discuss how your personal philosophy, spirituality, wonderment or perspectives have helped you cope with benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.


Topics which might be discussed here include (but are not limited to):

  • Literature
  • Art
  • Poetry
  • Philosophy
  • Religious texts (or prayers)
  • The natural world
  • Astronomy and the wonder of science
  • Music

Nearly any positive or uplifting content might be posted to this board as an aid to benzodiazepine use or withdrawal. The list we provided of possible areas for discussion are not exhaustive - they are merely suggestions.



Some Notes Regarding Religious/Theological/Spiritual Content


Coping is a withdrawal support board where discussion might include spiritual philosophies or approaches in the better management of benzodiazepine use and withdrawal; it is not a faith/spirituality board for people going through withdrawal. Accordingly, Coping is not to be used to promote any particular philosophical, spiritual or religious practice over another, nor to proselytize faith/ministry.

  • All threads and posts must relate to benzodiazepine use, withdrawal or recovery.
  • We will only allow posting of sacred texts (or prayers) which you make relevant to discussion of benzodiazepine use or withdrawal. The simple quoting of religious texts or prayers without reference to or discussion of benzodiazepine withdrawal is prohibited.
  • Although we allow for the limited use of religious or theological texts, please be cognizant that not all posters will share your philosophy or spiritual approach. Please utilize inclusive language when discussing doctrinal text.
  • Posts which fail to respect the beliefs of others, or seek to exclude those with differing values, beliefs or views, are not allowed and will be removed.

Given that BenzoBuddies - a secular community - has provided a discussion space where members who hold religious or spiritual beliefs might share and discuss how their beliefs or particular religious texts have aided their recovery (when most secular forums would simply disallow such content and discussion), we expect participants to abide by our reasonable guidelines for the benefit of the whole community.



Suggestions for Retrieval of Archived Content


We have archived the Faith-based Support and the Accentuate the Positive boards as we wish to incorporate their scope within this new board. Please post suggestions HERE for threads from the two archived boards which we might relocate to Coping (and which fulfill the scope of this board).

Edit: Added link.

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