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anxiety and panic and cutting


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Hi everyone...just was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on their experience with anxiety during taper.  I have had an unusual amount this past week and am wondering whether I should forge ahead with my cut due on Sunday night.  I have woken in panic and not been sleeping.  Can anyone please share their experience with me?  janus
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I'm not sure if the anxiety was more situational. I was having problems with some friends. But I know I was hyper sensitive. The friends thing never really did resolve, in fact it was one of the things that kept me up at night. But I finally decided that I don't need that shit in my life, and if they don't want me, they don't deserve to be part of my life. And it wasn't just words. I really feel that from my heart, and it doesn't hurt anymore.

Oops sorry didn't mean to digress!

What you are feeling is wd. You have the power within you to keep the anxiety from turning into panic. Read Claire Weekes again! (the book I have is "Hope and Help for Your Nerves") 

I was reading that last night in bed, and I think that's what kept me sleeing all night.

When did you cut last? Maybe you might hold a little longer. 10 days isn't that long for valium. I think the longer acting the benzo,  the longer hold period there should be. JMO.

Remember, don't let first fear turn into second fear.





Letting time pass.  (From the brilliant Claire Weekes)



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hi janus


deep breathing - i have posted this before but i will post it again.


inhale through your nose slowly to the count of four - make sure you are drawing air to the lowest quadrant of your lungs.


hold for one second or more


exhale to the count of four (place your hand on your abdominals) you should feel you abdominals collapse when you fully exhale




start the process over again.  repeat four times - through out the day take a deep breath and hold and exhale - do this through out the day - do the series of four when you are resting.


shallow breathing perpetuates fear/anxiety/panic - so fully oxygenating your body helps to calm you down.

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and chamomile tea is not a bad idea after you do your deep breathing.  Waking up in panic is my biggest fear, so the tips on here are very welcome. Start my taper in a few days.

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