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Anxious/panicked feelings?


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Im starting a new post because I have a few other points to bring up.


1. How do you know if the anxious- panicky feeling you're having is from WITHDRAWAL or from something else?


2. If you go from a taper back to the benzo for awhile..then decide to taper again will the taper still work if you do it at another time?


3. Do you know anyone that has been on ativan for a long period of time (low dosage) who has done FINE with it?

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Hi Michelle,


1) Well, you don't for sure, but most likely it is from wd. So many times people having this sx during wd, think they need more benzo when the exact opposite is true. It was certainly true for me. Now that I am off, I have zero anxiety.


2) Yes, but it may become more difficult each time.


3) Not personally, but I am sure there are people out there who do fine. Though even the drug companies say benzo's really lose their effectiveness after a few weeks or months. So if one is doing fine with it, it probably just isn't doing anything anymore. But there are some rare people who never build up a tolerance and do well long term.


Linda ;)


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