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Good Sleep Will Return


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I'm 16 months out and I'm here to assure you that sleep does get better with time. Just woke up from a nap and feel fresh.

Although the sleep time has reduced considerably.

But it could also be age related I'm 34 currently.

I usually get 3-4 hours max of sleep. Some times only one hour is enough to feel fresh.

Dont loose hope Buddies. All of your symptoms will go away or reduce in intensity with time. 


The important thing is the sleep I gets knocks me out and when I wakeup I feel fresh!


I just remember the days I couldn't sleep for 5 mins and sleep that I got was like I was awake with closed eyes.


Just give your body some time. Your brain will heal!

Sending best wishes to all of you!



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The first 3-4 months I didn't sleep well. I'd to take melatonin for sleep as I was determined not to take a Z drug for sleep.


Than sleep returned gradually from 30mins to one hour.

But this sleep was like sleeping with the engine running in your brain. That improved slowly with time at 6 months to

2-3 hours.


At 10 months it was 3-4 hours. Now at 16.5 months its still 3- 4 hours I'm awakened in the middle of night but I'm able to sleep again after some time. I've to sleep in the shifts to get my 8-10 hour sleep.


The sleep pattern has also changed but the sleep quality has improved. That was one of my worst symptoms as I almost did a cold turkey (rapid detox).


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3-4 hours is considered good?? Is that all you get all night? Eeek setting the bar low haha hope you get more in time but I’m glad you are at least feeling ok with 3-4 hours
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By 3-4 hours I mean I wakeup after 3-4 hours but I'm able to sleep again after waking up in the middle of night. If I count the whole time I sleep usually 7-8 hours.

In my view one hour is engough for sleep if its good sleep and you feel refresh after that sleep.


If you sleep whole night 8-10 hours and still dont feel refresh its useless.


Good sleep makes you feel active and refresh.


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Hi raz, I have experienced the same thing. I sleep in chunck of 3 hours, open my eyes, breath and fall back to sleep


I am so grateful that I can sleep now 7 to 8 hours for the last 3 days . I still take melatonin though, and have to be in bed at 7 pm to wake up at 3am. I try to be out of bed by 4 since the cortisol.surge kicks in at 4am. If I feel sleepy. It gets worse and turn into day long Anxiety.

I hope this too wI'll go away with time.

I am 9 weeks out of my rescue dose

Before that all my symptoms were gone and I was sleeping 9 to 10 hours a day.

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