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vivid/intense dreams.


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I took Lorazepam for 25 days and 8 weeks later I still only have REM sleep. I can remember everything in my dreams. I'm really missing my deep sleep phase. When did this get better for you guys?


greetungs and stay safe.

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You are most likely getting some deep sleep.  How would you know if you did or didn't get deep sleep?  REM rebound is very common and actually REM sleep is better than deep sleep according to this article.


Many on the Insomnia Forum complain that when sleep starts to return it is all "dreams" or REM sleep and somehow that is bad.  According to the author of this article:  https://www.soundsleephealth.com/blog/what-stage-of-sleep-is-most-important-nrem-vs-rem-sleep.html  REM sleep is the most important stage of sleep with DEEP SLEEP a very close second.


Here's quick overview of the article.  Click on the link above or below to read the whole thing.


For a quick review of the four stages of sleep:


Stage 1 (N1): This is the lightest sleep, lasting as little as five minutes, and the easiest from which to pop back awake. It begins the process of sleeping.


Stage 2 (N2): This light sleep is also fairly easy to be awoken from, but it is by far the single longest-lasting phase of sleep. This stage prepares the body for deep sleep by slowing metabolic processes.


Stage 3 (N3; formerly N3 and N4): This is deep sleep, during which the body performs maintenance and repair all the way down to the cellular level. This is the only stage of sleep that is “refreshing,” in that it erases the cumulative sleepiness collected during a normal day of waking activities.


Stage 5: REM sleep is the only sleep stage in which we dream. This type of sleep is essential for learning, retaining, and editing our memories. Lack of this stage of sleep leads to physical and mental hardships, and could contribute to an early death.


Stages 1 and 2 are light sleeps, and do little to refresh or repair our bodies and minds. Stage 3 is where the powerful HGH hormone is triggered, sending a wave of rejuvenating cellular work throughout the body. But all of this would be for nothing if the brain itself were to become psychologically damaged by the lack of Stage 5 REM sleep.


And the winner is …


It is a very close call between Stage 3 deep sleep and Stage 5 REM sleep. Deep sleep is different from REM sleep in that deep sleep is geared towards physical maintenance, while REM sleep takes care of mental maintenance.


However, since even a physically perfect human body would be of no use if its brain has been driven insane by a lack of REM sleep. . .


Stage 5 REM sleep is hereby crowned the winner of this contest!


Source:  https://www.soundsleephealth.com/blog/what-stage-of-sleep-is-most-important-nrem-vs-rem-sleep.html


Plus you are only 8 weeks off.  Ashton says it typically takes 6-12 months (or longer for some) for insomnia to resolve.  My sleep started getting better somewhere between month 9 and 10 off.

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I can totally relate. I had no dreams for 10 years being on klonopin, and now I dream all night. Its usually nightmares that I can remember with vivid detail. Its so strange and im not used to it. At least its a form of deep sleep and will help with recovery. I'm 13 months off and my rebound REM sleep is still through the roof.
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Thanks for the reminder on sleep stages TheWay.


My horrific nightmares are gone (thanks to stopping ativan...). I'm still having vivid/intense dreams. Some nights less than others. Honestly I'm so tired of it.  But I know I'm still healing so I will keep looking ahead to that day when they fade away:)

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