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Supplement stack for withdrawals (desperate)


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Currently on 70mg diazepam equivalent (down from 90mg diazepam equivalent from a mixture of lorazepam and clonazepam) for PTSD i am from Christchurch and live beside the mosque during the shootings


No real withdrawal symptoms yet but I have heard the lower u go the harder it gets so I am getting prepared and was wondering if any of you have any tips



- vitamin D, magnesium, ashwagndha sensoril, vitamin C, b complex

- CBD Oil + cbd vape when needed


Thinking about (I agree some are controversial)

- adding NAC

- Niacinamide + niacin (higher doses)

- Kava

- and finally nicotine replacement therapy - I am a non smoker but have heard that it can be useful but also is a stimulant so can make withdrawals worse) would like some advice


I am currently

- seeing GP and psychologist (seeing psychiatrist tomorrow)

- doing yoga/meditation (yoga with Adriene is great FYI)

- home gym (lockdown) and cycling

- good sleep hygiene + healthy diet

- tapered off escitalopram as was causing me insomnia and put on pregabalin 100mg 3x a day (helps anxiety and benzo withdrawals)


I am a future health professional in 6 months so have a good idea of drugs. I am at home due to lockdown so makes my taper slightly easier with less stresses. But at the same time I am desperate to come off these drugs. I know I’m playing with fire with all these supplements/nicotine) but I just want to be prepared to whatever the next few months will be.



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Hello ,


Are you already taking these supplements ?

I am also considering nicotine (non smoker too ) and ashwagandha .

if you will have some progress log or so please keep me updated , you can DM me here as I might lost track of this post .


Vitamin C seems to help me a lot also , usually 1 g daily . It makes me worry less about things and act faster .Maybe just me . I have noted this as after too much coffe i was anxious and it lowered it quite fast.


B complex occasionally , Not sure tho if does have effect . sometimes I have burning feeling in nerves , so would be nice to know if B complex helps .

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I've not heard of "nicotine therapy" so I can't comment on its efficacy. That said, I'm a former nicotine addict and it is TERRIBLY difficult to get off of. So, being in benzo recovery, I think it might be wise to avoid addictive substances.


CBD is AWESOME. You just have to be mindful of whom you purchase it from. Brands I know are good and have used include: Lazarus Naturals, Garden of Life, and Medterra. The ingredient to look for is: CANNIBIDIOL. If this is not listed in the 'Nutrition info chart' it is likely hempseed oil which is what the stuff on Amazon.com is. About as useful as cooking oil so do your own research but I know that you cannot purchase real CBD on Amazon even though that is what the labels say.

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