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DLMT/ or Titration help?


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Looking for help!


I have been in early Benzo w/d while tapering due the misguided assistance of my NP and my own knowledge of Benzos. I was on Ativan and needed last year PRN and last winter more commonly for a few months on and off and then stopped c/t by my Dr when I started having insomnia and was moved to multiple trial and error sleeping meds. I was back on klonopin for 3 months between .50 mg and .75 mg, after previous c/t in between other failed meds before my dr transitioned to me over to Valium to taper, in which she dis to quickly,( 1 week, from .50 mg Klonopin to 8 mg Valium ). She fast tapered me at 1 mg per week until I got to 6 mg, where I held for 2 weeks before going to 5 mg. I was so sick she updated me back to 6 mg for 3 weeks which I never stabilized and have been sick the entire time. I just did. .25 mg cut this week and have been felling even worse. I have been hitting withdrawal symptoms and tolerance badly waking up an hour after I take the 5 mg at night with soaking sweats, shakes, skin on fire, flu symptoms and more. I believe its from the fast transition, quick cuts and Klonopin w/d's. The Valium makes me feel worse and my Dr wants to change me back to Klonopin. I do not trust her and do not know what to do as I have been sick.  Any suggestions or guidance would be be life saving!


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