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Body Jerks/Tremors/Electric Current When Sleeping


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I'm almost 3 weeks out and I'm experiencing severe body Jerks, tremors, electric current while trying to sleep. Can someone confirm is it common during withdrawal and how long can it last? My brain tries to sleep and suddenly a jolt/Tremor/ Current awakes me and than I cannot sleep.  :tickedoff: Its in different body parts. Some times its only in my head. Sometimes from head to toe. Sometimes in my hands or legs only.  >:(
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Yes, very common WD symptoms.  Happens to lots and lots going through WD.  3 weeks is very early and you are most likely still in acute.  Read through other posts on insomnia and other BB forums.


MENTAL/COGNITIVE/BEHAVIORAL SIGNS.  You may or may not experience these symptoms.


    Aggressive Behavior

    Agitation/Irritability/Short Tempered/Rage Outbursts



    Anxiety/Panic/Terror Attacks/Development of Various Fears and Phobias


    Cognitive Impairment/Fog







    Emotional Lability

    Feeling numb or like a “zombie on autopilot”/Feeling over-sedated


    Hearing Voices

    Impaired Judgment

    Intrusive thoughts/Excessive negative thinking and feelings of doom

    Irrational Thoughts and Behavior

    Loss of Creativity


    Memory & Concentration Issues


    Mood Swings

    Neurocognitive problems

    Obsessive compulsive or other “odd” behavior


    Personality Changes

    Reckless Behavior

    Self-Harming Thoughts and Behavior

    Stress Intolerance

    Suicidal Ideation




    Adrenaline Rushes


    Allergies & Sensitivities increasing or developing

    Appetite changes


    Blood Pressure Issues, fluctuations

    Cardiac Symptoms – Bradycardia (slow heart rate), Tachycardia (rapid heart rate), Heart Palpitations, Pounding heart

    Clenching jaw, especially during sleep (TMJ)


    Increased susceptibility to illness, stress on the immune system

    Diminished Motor Skills – Clumsiness, Coordination Problems, Difficulty walking, Dropping things, Falling down

    Dizziness/Vertigo/Balance Issues (General vestibular disturbances)


    Dysautonomia Symptoms

    Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty)




    Fasciculations (benign)


    Flu-Like Symptoms

    Frequent Urination

    Gastrointestinal Symptoms

    Grinding Teeth / TMJ problms

    Hair Loss


    Hearing loss or changes

    Hormonal Issues

    Hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound frequency)

    Inner Vibrating or Buzzing

    Intolerance to cold and heat

    Itching/Skin Rashes/Hives

    Joint Pain (And other joint issues)


    Loss of Coordination


    Menstrual Issues

    Migraine with or without aura

    Motion sickness susceptibility

    Muscle Symptoms – Clenching, Cramping, Loss of muscle tone, Over-or under-active muscle reflexes, Pain, Spasms, Squeezing, Stiffness, Tension, Twitching

    Nerve Pain

    Paresthesia – Tingling, tickling, prickling, numbness, burning of skin

    Perceptual disturbance (feeling of being on a boat, feelings of unreality, deja vu, etc.)

    Peripheral Neuropathy



    Respiratory – Shortness of breath, Can’t get deep breath, Labored breathing, Over-breathing

    Sensitivity to light and sound

    Sensitivity to smells, including naturally occurring smells or chemicals such as fragrance

    Sensitivity to temperature, weather and pressure changes


    Sleep Issues – Excessive sleeping, Insomnia, Myoclonic jerks, Sleep paralysis, No dreaming, Vivid dreaming, Nightmares

    Slurred Speech


    Tachycardia between doses or in the morning, or generalized

    Tight Throat/Ball-in-throat sensation

    Tinnitus (Ringing or pulsatile effects in ears)


    Vision Issues – blurred vision, seeing spots, grainy visions, after-images, sensitivities

    Weight Loss

    Withdrawal symptoms that will intensify between doses or near dosing times


Source:  w-bad.org

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Thanks ThEwAy2.

Please tell me how long the physical symptoms can last on average?

I'm frustrated of getting poor sleep.

Some times I take Melatonin. But I'm also afraid of taking it in  long term.

This jerk/tremors are just from hell.

Really appreciate your support. I'm trying hard to stay positive!)

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Withdrawal is unique to everyone.  Ashton has some "general" guidelines for when things end, but there is no guarantee.


Most physical symptoms fade in 6-12 months.  Some take longer some take less.


Poor sleep sucks, and is a very common WD symptom along with anxiety and depression. 


Please know that lack of sleep will not hurt you other than making you feel like crap.


Not much worked for me early on in my WD or later either.  If something works for you, such as melatonin, I would use that, but maybe not every night?  But it's up to you.


I never really had the "jerks" just a lot of muscle twitching and spasms. Those faded around month 6-7 for me if I remember correctly. 


Symptoms are signs of healing and they can't hurt you.  They are annoying and almost always not signs of any other medical conditions .


Being positive will go a long way toward recovering.


Good luck!

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This was my worst sx too. No one can say how long it will take. The not knowing is brutal, I know. I’m sorry you are experiencing this after such a short usage time. Mine have gotten much better but not zero. Please keep us posted and let us know you’re healing timeline.
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I describe it like this, I put a taser up to the back of my neck and set it off. It starts deep in my like spinal cord and travels up into my brain. Then that sets off a panic attack and hot and cold sweats and flushing face along with light headed blurred vision ears ringing jumping heart the more you read these descriptions the more you could bring on the symptoms so I'll stop there but you get the picture. It's some seriously weird stuff. The "misfires" or "brain resets" whatever you want to call them it is undoubtedly from the benzos.
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Same here. When I ran out of Prosom (was only taking 1mg a night for a month) I had brain zaps and muscle fibre contraction (fasciculations) every few seconds (or multiple per second if thinking anxious thoughts), and myoclonic jerks every 30 seconds or so while trying to sleep.It actually gets worse as time progresses for the first 2-3 weeks I think.  Went at least 7 days with no sleep until I got some diazepam. Had no other benzo withdrawal symptoms (like extreme anxiety, daytime tremors, aggression etc) and thought I must be dying of sFI, CJD or the like. Couldn't stop reading online about CJD too. I had every CJD symptom except dementia and coma.

Almost 3 months later now I still cannot sleep at all and will get hundreds of myoclonic jerks a night without benzos. I'm glad other members here are mentioning the same sleep symptoms and the fears of sFI. Near complete sleep deprivation resembling Fatal Insomnia seems quite a common benzo withdrawal symptom here. I remember having read a paper describing 'Agrypnia excitata', a symptom shared by FFI, Morvan's syndrome, and alcohol withdrawal. Benzo withdrawal insomnia is probably the same thing if only more doctors knew about it.

Now I think time is our friend. If we can go 3-6 months without actually dying or developing progressive dementia ataxia then it's not a prion or other deadly disease

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What Your describing can be caused while going off a benzo but also due to other reasons even before going on any med. That is what got Me in trouble in the first place . Every  time I would lay down from exhaustion as soon as I would start to fall to sleep I felt like someone plugged My nervous system into a wall socket. Flashes in My brain and jerks that almost knocked Me off the bed couch. They put Me on K for this reason . I went through hell getting to were I am at now. I only get 4 hours of sleep so I believe that whatever happened to Me along with the short term K permanently  changed the physiology of My brain . I have never returned to anywhere near normal sleep. I live on only 4 lousy hours of shitty light sleep. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and had to take the benzo of I would have died.


However In Your case these are symptoms of withdrawal and should slowly go away with time AVOID caffeine or anything with caffeine in it I dont care how small the amount. It will make these symptoms much worse. Also avoid any stimulants and also alcohol. Lots of info on the net regarding natural tx for this issue.  I know My life has been changed for good however fortunately I am getting up there so it would have been worse if I were still young.

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I’m a little over 9 months off and I get slight twitching while trying to sleep and some tingling in my hands and almost like a butterfly feeling in my chest. I think a lot of it is sleep anxiety. When you can’t fall asleep, your nervous system kind of freaks out. I’ve tried to control it but I can’t.
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I'm one month out today. I've seen very little improvement in symptoms. I'm now getting 4 hour sleep without melatonin. I wake up in the middle of sleep many times . But the tremors and jolts are still a sleep problem. The jolts just make my sleep worse like hell.  :(
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I got those after my rapid taper where I reinstated, they're like chinese water torture

Everytime I dozed off, its like someone was there with a cattle prod.

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This can happen to some people who have severe depression as it did with Me . That is why I ended up on K supposedly for sleep but being drugged up is NOT sleep its drugged into oblivion. This can also occur during withdrawal and yes it can be nasty . AVOID caffeine at all cost and anything with this stimulant in it like chocolate .


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