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Sleep patern


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So inconsistent. And it makes you nuts

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Totally understand. we have been traveling on vacation since December 19, staying in several different homes/beds and in a different time zone. My sleep has varied from what felt like 3-4 hours to almost 9 hours since we've been here - but always broken up. I never sleep straight through anymore. Last night we stayed up late at a new years party (staying up late seems to make it harder for me! my body wants me to go to sleep early) and we tried going to bed around 1am, at 3am I was still awake tossing and turning so I took a unisom. I made myself wake up at 7:15am (alarm) so I could take a med I have to take at the same time every day, and I ended up going back to sleep til almost 9am. I wished I could have slept longer! Not being able to fall asleep is the worst. I have the pattern where I wake up at night too, but for some reason I am able to be more relaxed about that pattern when it happens.
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