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For those who are very restless / agitated.


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  • 1 month later...

I had severe waves of this for months. I started noticing a pattern that it would happen mid afternoons daily.


When I could, I would try to be with people as much as possible, mainly my husband. That gave me someone else to focus on and talk to.


Walking helped me a lot - if it was possible. I would keep moving. It seemed to help me relieve the intensity of it, and I'd feel better after. Even at all hours of the night! I know not everyone is safely able to walk at 3am though. I would bring my dog along.


Regular mindfulness meditation, but not necessarily when I was in the throes of it. But, I think over time the meditation helps change the amydala's fight or flight response incrementally and makes things easier to cope with. When I was already agitated trying to meditate did not help. But the regular practice of it at different times of the day helped me shift some of the ways I reacted to anxiety prone experiences.

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