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sleep aid question!


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Hi everyone!


Just a quick question for anyone who has used unisom before. I have used the gels, which have diphenhydramine in them (the 50mg ones). I recently got the tablets, which have doxylamine succinate in them (25mg). I realize BOTH these ingredients are similar and do the same thing, but I'm wondering if people had better luck with one versus the other. I read some reviews and saw that some people liked the doxylamine succinate version better, but also said they felt more drowsy the next day. I have had some luck with the gels, in that they knock me out enough to get bigger chunks of sleep, and I don't feel too crappy the next day. I am just not sure if the tablets would do as much good as they are only 25mg versus 50mg, but what the hell do I know!


I am becoming slightly *obsessed* about different sleep aids and trying to figure out what will help the best! So far I have tried benedryl or unisom (essentially the same thing), FOUR different kinds of melatonin (LOL), cortisol manager (herbal stuff), and the best, trazodone. The trazodone works the best for me, but I save it for when I am absolutely sleep deprived so it will work as effectively.


Instead of alternating things every other night like I was doing, I am trying stuff at 2-3 night intervals instead... to really have a good comparison. Going to a new doctor Monday, switching from my old doctor who is at his wit's end with me because I want to go off my AD as I think it is making sleep worse, and he doesn't believe me and thinks I'm just crazy. I am trying not to research sleep as much, because ever since I read about fatal insomnia I am terrified I have this. Especially because I always remember all my dreams and I always dream when I sleep! I know, I know, it is super rare. I am still not sure if I am still going through benzo withdrawal healing (super short use period) or if this is a combination of things hitting me at once!

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