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Study, May/16: "Anxiety in older adults often goes undiagnosed"


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This study acknowledges that benzodiazepine withdrawal may be causing anxiety in an older adult. I haven't come across this sort of acknowledgement very often, and it's good to see. Most of the time, it seems that doctors mistake the anxiety that comes with benzo withdrawal as a sign that a person's "original problem" has returned, and as a result, they prescribe a continued course of the problematic drug.


Here's the key line from the abstract:


A medication review is warranted, as a number of drugs may be causative (calcium channel blockers, alpha- and beta-blockers, digoxin, L-thyroxine, bronchodilators, steroids, theophylline, antihistamines) or may cause anxiety in withdrawal (e.g. benzodiazepines).


Here's the link:





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Yes, but I'm never sure if this type of info reaches the people who need to see it. The list of anxiety-causing medications is longer than I would have expected. I doubt many people are warned that meds like antihistamines can cause anxiety.
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