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Searching for Benzo Stories


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this is a story i came across while searching for benzo use.



i've been searching for stories like mine while on benzos and after benzosfreeness  :laugh:

it's kinda bumming me out as i cannot seem to find any real statistics on benzo use. most stories are

of ppl who have had a history of drug use. all i can really find is in the discussion boards like this.

most times as well you mention the ashton manual and they flat out refuse to listen to any of it.

especially i am from the usa. i have no idea what it is but ive come across alot of ppl

who just do not want to hear any statistics from the uk. and i say but they are 1 up on us.

they flat out refuse to hear it.

i am searching for any stories on benzo use. i have googled and followed and read so many links

on the web but my benzofreeness favorites folder is very small. bet if i made a favorites folder

for online sales of benzos it would be full!  >:(


so if anyone has any links to any stories or new statistics on benzos pls leave me the link


ty  :thumbsup:

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Hi eyewonder,


We have some resources that you may well have already come across, but I'll link to them for you just in case.


Benzo-free Celebrations deals with those that have just completed their tapers, but some people take the opportunity to write about their withdrawal experiences.


Success Stories is for those that have quit benzos for some time and would like to write about how things have improved for them since quitting benzos, and since taking their last tablet.


There are a couple of webpages that may interest you: Success Stories, only contains a couple of stories at the moment, but we will be adding more; and Meet the Team which details where members of the team are at now, and some of us are long off benzodiazepines.


Reliable statistics are tough to come by. You can check out the WHO website for statistics about benzodiazepine prescribing habits, but I am not sure of where to point you for numbers covering the numbers of people who experience difficulties with benzodiazepine use and/or withdrawal.

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