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TV Shows I Can Watch. Oh yes.



I don't know about you, but for a while I could barely watch TV.  Everything seemed to zip like an arrow to my core, bothering me at some deep level. So here is a short list of my do-able shows. Not listed here is Project Runway, which I watched as my husband passed behind my chair, saying, more often than not (in Heidi Klum's German accent) "One day your'e in, and the next DAY, YOU'RE OUT!"  

Watching that show was the first time I felt normal. But only during the show! As you can imagine, I remained glued to the screen.

'Akeelah and the Bee' is a nice feel-good show and I could watch it without blanching.

'The Scapegoat' is a hidden gem, gently paced and full of twists that don't drive you nuts, but take you by surprise. Nicely.

'Wolf' is an undervalued (and probably under-watched) non-horror werewolf movie starring Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer. It's not creepy. It's understated and for some reason all the pieces work together and make you wonder why you never saw this?

'Survivor' Oh my goodness. I never watched this but it's now my go-to show. Not only are there something like 46 seasons, each with 15 episodes, but it's compelling watching and kind of peaceful even amidst all the Survivor drama. Thank God I never watched it before, because this show alone has befriended me and accompanied me throughout some of the toughest months. It just takes you away.

I just wanted to share my easy watching shows! I have Amazon, Paramount+ and Project Runway is, I think, on Freevee. 

Everyone is different. What are you watching? What takes you away?


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Wow, I get it, and I'm just realizing right now that it's because of benzos that I quit watching TV several years ago and waited out my 3-year contract.  I don't have satellite or cable at all and no Netflix either.  I'm way too sensitive to nearly everything. 
I have never seen Survivor or any the shows you mentioned.  Survivor seems like it would be a good one.  At that moment when couldn't stand to watch TV anymore, I had been watching The Voice, which I loved, but I started hating it.  And then there's The View.  I can't even look at it for some reason.  Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice were my easy-to- watch shows back.
I watch certain YT videos.  That's about it.


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I knew I wasn't the only one! (Well, I guessed!)

I used to be an avid reader but couldn't read at all for I don't know how long. You know how it is. Can't sleep. Can't read. Can't think; forget about directions. The few things I could sort of do were walk, ride my bike at a leisurely pace, bake a little and do laundry. Oh, and I could clean grout. Seriously. If it weren't for TV I'd go stir crazy, although it did and still does take me forever to settle on something to watch. 

But now I want to check out your shows, Glitter!! :hug:

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I despise watching ads on tv, we don't have pay tv or internet tv or wifi. Just satellite tv, a few channels from each state in the country to keep people happy in rural regions all filled with ads that are mostly not relevant to where we live.

So hubby and I have been watching box-sets.

It started with Lost, which I had watched on tv but kept missing episodes (no such thing as binge-watching at that time).

We have since watched Wentworth (Aussie prison drama - modern version of Prisoner/Cell Block 8), Banshee, Sopranos, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Just Call Saul, Hell on Wheels and currently watching the last season of Sons of Anarchy.

Orange is the new Black is in the queue. I still need to research some new series to watch after that.




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Wow you found a great workaround! You're able to watch a lot (as long a there aren't any ads.) I turn the sound off for ads etc. My son recommended orange is the new black but I haven't gotten to it yet, either.

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@[Ho...] sorry, I only just found your comment 🫤.  

I am very lucky that I can watch most things. I did have issues with noise sensitivity when I was tapering but hubby is hearing impaired so he has subtitles on most of the time & I got used to little volume & reading lots.

Now I have issues with vision so I keep telling hubby to turn the sound up so I can read better! :2funny:

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That's a riot Casper, my husband does the same thing. We have the subtitles on and he always wants the volume waaaay up. He says it helps him read better too!

You're lucky you could always watch TV, I'm jealous! I still have trouble sometimes but it's so so much better than it was. :)


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