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Excellent article about doctor-created addicts


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Thank you BOTH!!


That really is great that this article was published in England.


I've sent it to quite a few people who are supporting me in this process so that they might understand even better.


Great resource  :thumbsup:,


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The doctor that did the most harm in my life was Martin H. Stein of Arlington, VA.  FYI, there is more than one Dr. Martin Stein.  If you want to be disgusted, you can read more about him at: http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/Stein_Martin.html


After him, the other doctors just followed his handiwork like a bunch of lemmings following each other off the cliffs.  However, in the absence of sexual indiscretions, the rest of them are all still in practice!

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"There really is a conspiracy of silence in medicine," said Lurie, a physician and deputy director of the patient advocacy organization Public Citizen Health Research Group. "Doctors protect each other. The whole culture of medicine, going back to the boot camp style of residency, creates a team mentality. There's a tendency to protect people who share so much."



Oh yeah, everyone's so busy protecting each other from Congress, FDA, pharma, and right down to the white coat drug pushers, it's just all so sickening to me. Where the hell are OUR RIGHTS???? Why are they continuing to get away with not only murder, but so much more??


Arghhh makes me furious and sick to my stomach and it's only getting worse, as I said before it's not only communism, but a true genocide to humanity period :tickedoff:


Thanks all for the info, more links for my arsenal ;)

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