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WTD for injured area between shoulder blades


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Hello BB,

Yesterday, I awoke and sat up in bed. Shortly afterwards the area between the shoulder blades, more to the right, began to ache. I guess I pulled something?!? It hurt all day and was worse at bedtime. When I awoke this morning, it was almost gone, until, I sneezed. OUCH!!!!!! It's back with a vengeance--and the pain is horrible. I've taken 2 acetominophen but so far not much relief. Am scared to take Ibuprofen. So, what do you all think? Heat and then ice? Heat only? Ice only? Welcome your suggestions. T2

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Usually for something like that (muscle spasm) ice works. If not, try heat. I've been having that, not related to w/d but overuse of my right (dominant) arm.
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