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When I was hospitalized for depression last year, I (unfortunately) took up smoking. I know that during the w/d and tapering process, it's best to avoid any kind of stimulating substances (caffeine, sugar) and other things like alcohol, processed foods, etc. So far, I've been doing very well with everything. I don't drink caffeine, have cut out all sugar, don't drink any alcohol, and am eating proteins, whole grains, leafy greens, fruits, vegs (really basic foods cooked from scratch). I'm getting a little bit of exercise during the week, too. Am also taking B-complex, Vit D, gentle iron, and Omega-complex.


But, I'm struggling with smoking. I'm trying to be mindful about how much I smoke (it's about 6-7 cigarettes a day), and I don't just jump up and have a cigarette when I get the urge. I try to focus on something else to space it out.


My therapist has told me that I shouldn't worry about quitting smoking until I just get through the w/d process from many of these awful medicines, b/c quitting smoking is hard enough w/o having to deal with the additional challenges of the difficulties that the drugs are causing to the system. In some respects, I agree. However, I'm curious if anyone has found that smoking cessation helped with tapering and w/d or if it just made things worse since it is effectively w/d from another drug too.






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Hi.. I think with smoking it does stimulate us.

I'm a smoker too and have been trying to stop, but no success so far.

I do not even enjoy it much anymore.. I do it out of nervousness.


I hope you have luck with stopping.



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I am the same way - I used to enjoy the taste of the cigarette after a nice meal or first thing in the morning. Now, it's obviously just an addiction, but it helps with nervousness and anxiety. The taste and feeling of smoking isn't gratifying, although the need is there.


I just don't know if I have the willpower to stop right now, especially with the anxiety I'm feeling just working with the medication stabilization. I guess watching my intake is a good goal. I'll see how it goes w/ trying to quit. I wonder if the payoffs from being smoke-free eventually would outweigh the w/d from the nicotine whilst going off the other meds. 

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Hey guys!


As far at the habit of smoking goes...I've been smoking since i was 18 (3 years ago) and I'd really like to quit.  A couple of people that have gone through benzo withdrawal told me that it's better to wait until after we're healed to quit because of the extra stress it can add.


I was reading something in my psychology book that i found interesting about smoking.  "Although nicotine is classed as a stimulant, most smokers say it relaxes them. The research points to an explanation for this paradox. Smoking increases tension and stress levels, but abstaining from cigarettes leads to even greater tension and displeasure.  smoking another cigarette relieves the withdrawal symptoms and restores the usual mood, which is slightly tense but not as bad as the withdrawal state.  Nicotine also produces mixed effects on mitivation: It decreases energy and motivation in low-reward situations while increasing activity in high-reward situations.


Many of these facts you probably know but it's good to refresh ones memory sometimes :)

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