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Zoloft Taper?


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Hello Buddies,


It's been a wild ride since my initial Introduction back on June 5th.




After leaving the hospital on 4 different medications, I've gotten off all of them with the exception of Zoloft. As you can see in my signature, I've been on a 50mg (relatively small) dose since May 23rd. I saw my pdoc a few weeks ago and she strongly encouraged me to stay on it until late December when I'm scheduled to see her again.


Here's my dilemma - I was never depressed to begin with and I'm not even sure if Zoloft is doing anything for me. For what it's worth, it seems to make me sweat like a pig that knows he's dinner, and has caused me to gain some weight.


Can anyone offer advice on a Zoloft taper? Considering the drugs I've managed to get off, I'm not overly worried. I'd just rather be safe than sorry.


Thanks in advance for any advice!








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Zoloft F'd me up BAD!!!  It can be physically addicting, so I would not stay on it longer than needed.  I would start tapering and see how you do.  Some people quit no problem, other people go through heck.  Give yourself a few days after each cut to see if you're stable.


Pdocs et al have NO IDEA how this stuff works, they really don't, so take their opinion with a grain of salt.  If you run into any problems coming off zoloft, the folks at paxilprogress.org have a lot of info and help with those class of drugs.


Best of luck!


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