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I am seriously considering taking Elavil , the nerve pain is over the top with the stinging and carpet burning , its all over, , my feras are that my CNS starts to rummble when any of my symptoms are stimulated in any way , but any movement /physical contact etc.... and when I took that 1 antibiotic(Clocicillian) one pill my CNS started to go crazy inside me , it was rummbling so bad I thought I was gng to die, so I fear if taking another pill will only amp my CNS or help the nerve pain, this nerve pain of all the nerve endings firing is extremly painful its all over my body , its 24-7 only with a few breaks. I will be 15mths off this coming Sunday ,I am scared to death.  My other alternative is to reinstate , I canyt live like this , I struggle walking now it revs all the nerve endings up.
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