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remeron and seroquel


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I'm 3 months off valium after a rushed 8 month taper, and now I've been put on 30mg mirtazapine and 75mg seroquel.  The seroquel is supposed to be for a few weeks only and then tapered off; the mirtazapine is supposed to be long term, 6 months to a year.  

I'm so worried this will stop my healing.  My anxiety is unbearable and has gone on for far too long, over a year.  The medication is giving me sleep for the first time  in months but I worry this effect will wear off.  And they may be helping sometimes with the anxiety - I'm not sure but I'm told I need to wait as I've only done the 30mg for 6 nights.

I'm worried as I had a morning window just 3 days before starting the meds, where I woke up without anxiety and could get up and go to a cafe round the corner with no anxiety.  

Have I ruined the little healing I'd done? I've had one window since being on them but don't know if they count as real windows now I'm drugged.  

Do you heal on mirtazapine?  Will the few weeks seroquel plus 6 weeks tapering off it be very destabilising?

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Hi Simmonabranches,

While we all respond to medicarion differently, there are many people who have taken Mirtazapine during and after their experience with benzos. They reported that they continued healing while on the Mirtazapine.  

When you decided to taper the Serequel, it is recommended that you do a safe and aware taper. Make your cuts, see how you respond and once you are stable enough, you can cut again. 

When you are prepared to taper, make another post to get guidance and support.

Congratulations on getting off the Valium. 

Final Healing 


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