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Provigil for chronic fatigue


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Not sure if I posted this question on this board or another. But has anyone had any *positive* response to Provigil to help with chronic fatigue and energy?

The fatigue is relentless and I'm getting scared. I know it won't cure me , yes it's just another pill I need to take prob with side effects but I'm desperate at this point. The fatigue is destroying everything.

I heard the Provigil  is a bit more gentler than Ritalin. I cannot function its literally work and sleep for me and now its affecting work.

That's no life.


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It certainly makes you alert, however it will whip up other symptoms. Don't know if you've felt it but muscle spasms or twitches get whipped up, I felt my facial muscles significantly spasming for the first time since acute withdrawal. Wasn't worth it for me, felt too agitated to benefit from the stimulation. Any stimulant is defo best avoided I reckon.

What did help me tackle fatigue was following a diet which prevents crashes. Keto diet was the best, takes a lot of prep though, I'd look up diets which prevent fatigue and work up to a keto diet if you can.

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I tried keto a few yrs ago and it did nothing for me. I tried gluten free a few months ago, absolutely no difference, at all. I'm asking if anyone had any positive experiences with Provigil.

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