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Mirtazapine/ Remeron Help Needed


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Hello all. Let me explain my situation. I was tapering off my Remeron for over a month and it was going well. I literally felt zero difference. Then out of the blue I got a Cold/Flu, or what I thought was one because my daughter was sick. It clearly was not a cold, as I was all the sudden getting violent withdrawal symptoms like tremors, shakes, body temps fluctuating, flu symptoms etc..

So I kinda said "screw it", and just accepted I will be on this for life (I probably should be). I have been on my normal dose (45mg) for a week now and all my withdrawal symptoms have gone EXCEPT Sinus congestion in one nostril. I am hoping and praying that this is due to the withdrawl and it will eventually go away. I was on Remeron for 5 years without this issue. The sinus issues seem to correspond with the withdrawal. If I am wrong, please let me know.

So I guess I am looking for support and understanding if this sinus stuff will go away? Will it take more than a week to "even out" after a 1.5 month taper?

Any help is appreciated. This is really making me ill dealing with these sinus issues.

Thank you!!!!!


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I've had sinus issues for most the time since I jumped 18 months ago, apparently one of the benzo withdrawal symptoms. How long since you jumped from benzos? Any chance it's more linked to healing from benzos than to mirtazapine withdrawal?

I've been tapering from my 15mg mirtazapine dose for a month or so which has coincided with catching a cold that I can't shake. Sinuses are back to normal, which for the last 1.5 years still means regularly having to blow my nose. One of the many, many things which absolutely sucks.

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