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Broken Open...


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my name is carter - i'm new here.  i'm benzo free (off lorazepam since jan 2010, oxazepam end of april 2011)  i am very sure that i have benzo withdrawal sydrome.  i'm not having a very good day at all.  it was a very bad weekend for me.  i won't get into the details, let's just say that this is how i feel - Broken Open.  i'm alone.  but i have this song. i have this person.  this song calms me - he calms me.  when he sings that one word, "Quiet"  it's so soothing.  like a hug.  a warm hug. and it's just one word.  quiet.

"broken pieces break into me.  so imperfectly - what you could be"

"i know the battles, of chasing the shadows of who you wanna be.  it doesn't matter, go on and shatter - i'm all you need"

"stay here, it's safe here, i let you be broken open.  hide here, confide here.  i'll let you be broken open."



the voice of an angel.

thank you Adam.


i hope you find comfort in this song.   carter


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Hi carter,


I'm sorry to hear your weekend was so awful and that you're alone, but I'm glad you have your music to comfort you.  :therethere:

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That was beautiful, carter.  I had no idea he had that kind of music in him.


When and how did you stop the oxazepam?  It is a benzo, too, so I'm not surprised that you are suffering withdrawal symptoms at this point.  Since you posted this on the Depression board, I assume that depression is the one that is bothering you the most.  Benzos can help cause depression as well but with this depression, at least you are off of it and healing.  :therethere:

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