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Taper Plan from .25 mg Clonazepan


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I was wondering if someone could take a look at this taper plan I got from another support group to come off .25 mg of clonazepan. I started with K*** in Oct. 2021.




1. Measure 100ml of water into the jar using the 50ml syringe.

2. Drop 0.25mg of pill into the water. The pill will crumble!

3. Give it some help by securing the lid and shaking the jar gently. This also disperses the bits around in the water.

4. When it seems that the piece of pill has finally disintegrated, give the jar a few extra shakes and take off the lid.

5. Put the nozzle of a suitable syringe into the middle of the cloud and remove the daily decrease. Discard.

6. Use the remainder for dosing.

7. You can try out the process for a few days to adjust to any effects this dosing might produce.

8. When you feel ready to taper start at day 1 with a dose of  99ml


0.25mg in 100ml gives 0.0025mg per ml which adds up to 0.0375mg every 15 days. So you dosing is reduced by 0.0375mg every 15 days.


Day 1 0.25mg/100ml Remove 1ml dose with 99ml

Day 2 same remove 2ml dose with 98ml

Day 3 same remove 3ml dose with 97ml

Day 4 same remove 4ml dose with 96ml

Day 5 same remove 5ml dose with 95ml


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I see this post is a couple of days old, did you decide to go ahead with your plan? 
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