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Three months off!

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Hi everyone,


Just checking in at about 3 months off. I'm doing relatively well! I had a little "crash" of sxs (adrenal rushes and insomnia) that *may* have been from going off mirtazapine too quickly. I reinstated the mirtazapine at a micro dose and it helped. I'm going to taper this last bit more slowly. I am feeling much better and my sleep has returned.


All in all, I'm still recovering but I'm doing ok! Work and grad school are demanding and I'm keeping up. Benzo belly (one of my lingering sxs) is slowly resolving. It's like watching paint dry, but it is definitely improving. Other than that, I have occasional heart palps and head vibes, but they come and go.


I'll check back in in six months. If you're reading this while mid-taper, keep going! The days go by slow but the months fly and you WILL be done sooner than you know. 



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Good job, openroad! And being able to work and go to achool, impressive!
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Woop 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 woop


3 months off!!!!! Yeah buddie  8)


So happy for you op!!!! adios Benzos!!!!

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