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11 days off of klonopin, I still take Methylphenidate, is this a problem?

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Hi buddies,


I am now 11 days off of Klonopin (emergency RT ( 4 weeks) after failed reinstatement )


I do still take Methylphenidate (ADHD medication/Stimulants)... I just take a couple of 5mgs throughout the day, since it doesn't act long... 5mgs itself is a low dose!


I don't know whether it's good to take ADHD Medications in withdrawal/acute withdrawal/after complete cessation or not!... the doctors always wanted me to stay on that stuff all the time... but as we know they have no clue! As well as the think  a benzo withdrawal takes 3 to 5 days and the rest would just be in your head :D


I'd like to get off of that one, too, since it is the only stuff I still take... and I'm really fed up with taking any medications... really... but everyone says I should stay on (methylphenidate) until I'm out of withdrawal (I'm in acute right now)


I always thought Methylphenidate/Ritalin to help with most of my anxiety! And I feel if I tried to CT methylphenidate right now I'd really feel my acute withdrawal more I guess (though Methylphenidate is not addictive itself) ...


On the other hand I sometimes worry if it adds up to the withdrawal as it is a stimulant drug... and we already have an overstimulated CNS while and after Withdrawal...


But a person who really has ADHD is usually really calmed down by it, so I don't know whether it helps me in withdrawal or not... I feel it helps, but I can't guarantee, since I've been taking it since 2015 -most of the days (I regret right now since I don't want to supress my ADHD anymore!)


But I think it would be too much right now getting off that stuff, too...

Or do you buddies think it might be a danger to my healing process?!


And if I sooner or later get off it, how should I reduce it carefully in times of recovery from benzos?!




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After everything you have been through, maybe pause on this thought and let your body heal from the physical trauma of two rapid cessations. I am not a doctor -- just one lay person's thought.
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Hi  :) thanx  for your reply! guess you are really right! I do think so, too!


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Hi again buddies,

Meanwhile I'm 22 days of off Klonopin, just entered my 4th week off... Still in acute... as to expect... I wasn't always doing so bad... even had some Windows...


I mainly deal with physical symptoms like fatigue, exhaustion, fibromyalgia,  mild nausea here and there and Benzo flu... sometimes a bit of mild anxiety...


I know I was warned by people and by Rebecca as you see above... but I tried to reduce my methylphenidate yesterday a lot.... I just took a small morning dose (that lasts few hours only=very short acting) and then went into rebound/ADHD Mode... and yes first I felt great, really great! I felt much better without methylphenidate than on it! I  had a 9 hours lasting huge Window as never before in this acute withdrawal!!!! I went to 3 stores,  not possible on methylphenidate... almost forgot I'm still in acute...


..then I got tired in the evening but develloped Restless legs and got scared because that makes me think of akasthisia and the bad states of withdrawal I had... so I guess it triggered a panic attack and yes it felt like ( mild) akasthisia... then I took another 5mg (my dose I take a few times a day to prevent Rebound) and first it didn't really go away.. it then only stopped when 5mg methylphenidate stopped acting again and I went into another ADHD Rebound (a typical methylphenidate rebound lasts 45min or longer and may trigger panic attacks due to a rebound of ADHD symptoms that may remind you of akasthisia... (Rebecca I know you were right you warned me with akasthisia and methylphenidate)


Today I somewhen this morning had the same symptoms of panic and akasthisia like again... so I thought I should maybe take my original dose of methylphenidate again and it got better... but the stupid thing is... on methylphenidate I feel so extremely tired and exhausted and not good... without methylphenidate I feel much better, first my mood is a lot better ...but after a while (may be a few hours) I get panic and akasthisia like symptoms and Restless legs...


I am scared that methylphenidate with its rebound symptoms and side effects on my withdrawal symptoms (fatigue and exhaustion and so on) ruins and lengthens my recovery and amplifies some symptoms but on the other hand not taking it amplifies other symptoms....


So again what should I do now? Get off as I triggered symptoms already or better stay on the original daily dose? In the past pre withdrawal time I never had any problems getting off of it... I constantly went on and off... The only thing I had was Rebound Panic Attacks when in 2022 my Panic disorder was reactivated... (didn't have that before)


The reason why I urged myself so much to reduce and eventually try to get off methylphenidate was because every day in the evening when the effects of methylphenidate wore off I had a Window... I just saw this as an evidence that I was better off without methylphenidate... anyways in the past especially since 2018 I couldn't use methylphenidate- on an every day basis anymore as I did it the first 3 years, due to my progressing fibromyalgia...




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