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In 3 days I will be 23 months without benzodiazepines.


I will only say that I am very proud of myself, I am quite sentimental and reflective.


I am very close to 2 years without benzodiazepines and I cannot believe everything that happens


since 2020 when all this shit started, until now 2023, a lot happened to me


In Argentina we had the largest quarantine in the world due to the covid, more than 7 months totally locked up and then only a few could get out, they were my worst years at the university, I hardly took any subjects, I passed almost nothing, I fell behind a lot.

I currently have 25% of my university degree (law) and this is my 5th year studying it (in Argentina university degrees are very difficult, there is a lot of social pressure and we have a demanding university education system)

abstinence ruined my university career, due to insomnia, depression, mild cognitive problems, anxiety.

I ruined my social life, even if I can recover it.

In addition, my country is suffering the worst economic crisis in all of history. (There is also a social, political, institutional and cultural crisis)

I went through a lot more.


And to think that almost 2 years have passed since I stopped taking them.


The number 23 is my favorite, it is my lucky number, it is the only number that I would bet in a casino for large fortunes of money.


From now on I promise to be a new man, much better, every day I will give a better version of myself.

I feel like I wasted a lot of time, I feel like everything went to shit but today everything changes.


The itching in my legs and arms went away.

My skin is a little clearer and I don't have that rosacea or sunburn, or redness on my face.

I am sleeping between 3-5 hours straight, most of the time I sleep 4 or 5 hours straight. and rewarded him with another 2 hours of sleep (I get up 3 times or 2, very rarely 4)

There were days that I slept 5:30 hours straight, I think I recorded a night that I slept 6 hours straight.


I do not have muscle spasms, I consider diarrhea a symptom that has been overcome.

I still have acne spots but they are very pink, you can see that it is because I do not sleep well or that I do not produce enough collagen.


I think if I start to sleep better and put on a retinoid my skin will improve.


Anyway, I'm much better than before,


a new stage in my life begins, I feel that very soon I am going to recover from this.

At the end of February I took a trip after a long time, it really did me good, I liked doing it.


In short, do not drink alcohol this month, or drugs, or anything.

I had a normal diet, sometimes with junk food and sometimes with healthy food.


I always drink my 2 cups of tea (300ml to be exact and a tea bag) and when I have to take an exam, I drink coffee.


I forgot to tell you that the small pimples on my forehead are gone, my chest does not have any acne, my back has a total of 5 pimples, of which 3 are in the lower part of the back, which is nothing serious, It is very normal I would say.


Thanks for reading and for accompanying me, thanks to those who respond to my posts, they have a place in my heart, I never ever felt that recovery was a few kilometers away. I know that I can, I am very lucky with the life that I have, and in many things I was lucky, perhaps an angel that watches over me.


thank you and month 23 is very special for me


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Today I think I slept 6 hours straight, I don't remember.


The last time I used my cell phone was at 6:30am, and I got up at 1:25pm.

I think I fell asleep at 7am.


Anyway, my sleep has changed, I'm going to sleep very late, the reason for my sleep has changed is because I was studying.

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about a week ago I was riding a bike, after several weeks without riding a bike and I had a horrible wave.


I'm sleeping really badly, 3 hours in a row and it's hard for me to go back to sleep, today I only slept 2 in a row and took a little nap, I got pimples, it really was a horrible wave and I'm still there.


This post is not about a blog or anything like that, but I wanted to leave this update, I don't know if the wave was induced by exercise or why it had to be.

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