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I need Canada to take action and get rid of RC benzos available to anyone.


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They got rid of fairly low potency opiates.  Kept these extremely strong research chemical benzos on the websites for any drug dealer or regular person to access them. 



Venting and very grossed out they’re allowing this.



*edit  ..I called Health Canada’s HPFB,  local police stations to give them the research chemical websites,  and emailed several safe supply resources to request to write a letter to legislators.  They didn’t budge,  even police said we don’t cover this stuff call a (pharmacy?) That was 5 hours wasted.  I don’t get why they’re allowing deadly illegal substances and even barbiturates on websites anyone can access and it’s legal so long as they say “not safe for human consumption”.


I feel so bad for anyone coming out of addiction and into 10x worse problems. 

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Sorry what is an RC benzo?

I'm also in Canada -- in the city with a largest substance use issue.  The chief coroner said that most street drugs now have benzos in them and she shuddered on camera saying something like "if people think opiate w/d is bad benzos are...." (shudder again).


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