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Help with rough night Xanax to Valium crossover!!


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So have been on .5 xanax for 4 months, switching over to Valium 10MG.


Past two nights ive done half and half, .25 xanax and 5MG valium. Dr. told me i had to do a 3 day cut over. (she doesnt believe in cutovers) Last night i just went for it, after two days of half valium and half xanax  i just took the whole 10MG of V.  I had a not so great night of sleep, fell asleep around 11pm and "woke up" at 5am although was sleeping very lightly and in and out all night. This morning i am sweating, anxiety....dont feel well. Not sure what to do. I have many things to do today and driving long distances and meeting people ect.


I know the way i feel is from cutting out xanax completely, its been over 24hrs since i had any xanax. Figured taking the 10MG V would be fine. Guess not. Not sure what to do now....go back to splitting up my xanax and V dose for a week or so more before going fully to V (i got enough xanax squirreled away to do this) and what about today? I dont want to updose by taking xanax but i feel like i need to make it through today and in my current state of anxiety ect thats not possible. I have klonopin .5 pills somewhere as well, i could take one of those and im sure make my day go by nicely? then go back to xanax/V for tonight?  I guess im inpatient to get off of the X because of interdose withdrawls im experiencing. But this way isnt really working either, maybe im too inpatient with full cutover to V, would another week of splitting up the dose half X and half V really make that big of a difference for the cutover?

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From the way it sounds, you could have inter-dose withdrawal going on. When you lower the X dose to replace with V, you may feel some side effects of that dose coming down. While it is uncomfortable, it will pass if you stick to it. You also may be cutting your dose of X too quickly. The idea of tapering any med it to not go back up in dosing. When you feel uncomfortable, hold until you stabilize, then start your slow taper again once you feel you can handle it.


Good luck to you!

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