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Chest pain 2.5 months after covid


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Anyone else,  I think mine is costochrondritis, because it hurts moving,  stretching out pushing my arms together.


I'm basically walking pain since I got off.


I just want to calm down,  thinking it's myocarditis and can't manage my fear. 

I know I need to see a cardiologist,  I made an apt.

Anyone have anything to share?

Also have major indigestion since it started.

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Chest pain is a very common symptom of long Covid. Some people are having chest pain that lasts beyond their initial Covid-19 infection, or that starts in the weeks after they've had the virus. I also experienced it but it passed away in about three weeks I had Covid. Don't self-treat (or at least check the description of the pills you are going to take online, I personally use the Canadian Pharmacy Online site for this purpose). Just wait. But if you don't feel relief in several days, address a doctor.
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Docs are useless. I saw my cardio and had an echo which doesn't even diagnose peri or myo ...has to be mri. Point is. They do minimal things and don't even try to find of there's a true issue. Ty though for your reply. This sh*t is so old.
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