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Soul Chronicles, a collection of soothing recordings


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Dear Buddies, I came back last month to share an audio story about my experience with benzo withdrawal. Several of you reached out to me and said you found it helpful and soothing to listen to a recording.


I know this time of year can be especially rough for those of you who are still in the thick of it, so I’ve decided to share a link to more recordings.


I volunteer as a patient advocate for a non profit group, and as a way of giving back, I write and record an audio column called “Soul Chronicles.” I continue to live with another chronic illness, but my roots are certainly in benzo withdrawal.


Speaking from experience, I know there were many months when I could not focus enough to read , so I was grateful when I cold just listen instead. And like many of you, I have a long history of insomnia, and hearing a soothing voice in the middle of the night—even if it’s just a recording—might help with the sense of isolation.


I’m starting to speak more about my benzo experience. I’m starting to move past the sense of stigma. There are so many of us, and I’m trying to build the courage to speak out. If you find anything in my work to be helpful, I would love to know. Like you, I still need reassurance to keep walking this path.


Here is a link to the full collection: Soul Chronicles


Sending strength and hope, Aft :smitten:


And to give you an idea of the content I create, here are some images of quotes I have used:












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Aft35yrs ... thank you, for your courage and expressions of resilience ...


Be Well ...


NovaScotia :smitten: Always a pleasure to hear from you. You offer so much to so many. Hope you and yours are enjoying the holidays in peace.

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