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Bye bye benzos!!


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This will be the last time I ever use A for at long as I live!! Just finished my second cold turkey. 2019 I CT from low dose (.5mg) for a short period (1 month).. it was hell and I swore I’d never touch that poison again. Unfortunately I didn’t get rid of the pills. September 2022 I got Covid and it hit my digestive system hard. Sick for 2 weeks. I don’t know what came over me but I took .5mg again for 2 weeks. It helped for a few hours but I went into tolerance immediately, paradoxical as well. The withdrawals were just as bad as the first time. Ugh 😩 10 weeks since my last dose and things are finally 85% back to normal. Even small doses can really affect some people. Hang it there friends ❤️💪🏼.. healing is possible!! Pills went into the fireplace this time!!
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