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Win Hof cold exposure


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I did the cool/cold shower thing after my CT and it didn’t do anything. Now that I’m stable, I enjoy cool showers now :3 but before, I think it made me feel worse ;_;
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I was taking cold showers before my ordeal started 5 years ago. This practice helped me not only with my sleep but with my mood as well. If I can't sleep at night taking a cold shower will relax me and made me fall asleep. In the morning is where it really does the trick. Mood improves, you feel more alive, and it last for several hours.

Not everybody stands the cold. You don't need that much really. Just a minute before finishing your shower will give benefits.

Phisically they improve your immune system and activates your lhinfatic system helping to detox.

If you can't stand it go slow. Control your breath. Soon you get use to it.




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I have been using cold water on my face to help with anxiety. There are many benefits to cold plunges. Let us know if a plunge works for you, and most importantly, be gentle with yourself.
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