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How to get through candida?


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Myself and a friend both have oral thrush. I was treated twice with an anti fungal, and it came back. The second round of treatment made me insane.  My friend tried the anti fungal, and stopped after one dose.


My pdoc advised lemon water and a restrictive diet.


We are both suffering,  the commonality is fatigue, increased anxiety, and histamine issues.


The problem is, neither of us can tolerate supplements or OTC, or even medication other than what we are tapering.


Anyone dealing with or have dealt with this? How did you get through it. I am so sick of the awful tiredness and anxiety.


The only medical recourse I can see is to go to an ENT, but I don't know what they can do.


Input on coping appreciated.  I am familiar with mast cell activation, however, I can't handle the treatments. I took some kefir, and I was up all night going crazy.  We are both tapering xanax, and updosed once this hit. I am also on seroquel.

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I used to get oral thrush because of my withdrawal imsomnia which compromised my immunesystem. But im supplementing and the thrush is gone and never came back.

Im not sure what to tell you, But there is a 'way out' of candida if you at some point can tolerate suppliments.

Have faith in it :)

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Thanks! Turns out we both had red sore mouth , a sxs of mast cell activations. I do have external thrush which I am treating topically with  Nystatin cream , no problems.


I am now on a nightly probiotic, drinking lemon water all day , and  also raw cranberry juice (it is a natural antihistamine.)



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